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Step-back strike

Gifs credit: Eric Cantona: : Megan Rapinoe

Posted 3 days ago

I stumbled upon this version of the song. So, I decided to make a Golly video to it.

This is the first time I used Sony Vegas Pro. And it drove me nuts. Hope the video turned out alright.

Posted 5 days ago

A new vid in the making???

So, I stumbled upon a really beautiful version of ‘Make It To Me’ (originally by Sam Smith) and now I’m thinking about making a Golly video to it.

Is that a good idea?

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Original photo by JaneG.Photography

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I was rooting for Claire Danes to win the Outstanding Drama Actress, but I was not surprised to see Julianna Margulies winning the award. I’ve always had a feeling that she would win because of the good hype/criticism that The Good Wife getting this year.

Still gutted for Claire though, because her performance in ‘The Star’ was beyond outstanding.

Just my thought. I’m sorry if it offends anyone out there.

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Posted 1 week ago

"That’s what some people want. They wanna be bonded together as one unit, sharing in all of each other’s ups and downs."

— Gail Peck

Probably not my best work, but I hope everyone likes it.

Posted 2 weeks ago

I’m going away for a conference for about a week, but I’ll probably come back with a new Gail & Holly video.

Just because I’m so into Golly mood right now.

Posted 2 weeks ago

I couldn’t resist this version of the song.

Posted 2 weeks ago

WTF is happening????

Is it just me or someone actually keep posting horrific graphic images on Gail & Holly forum???

It’s terribly horrifying. What the hell is going on?