Someone should’ve warned me that this game is addictive. Now I cannot stop playing.

Edited to add: Big kudos to who created this awesome game :D

Looking for Fanfic Beta-Reader.

I just wrote my first Rookie Blue fanfic.Since I’m not an English native speaker, I’m hoping that someone would beta-read my story. I don’t want to make a lot of mistakes (grammar vice and such) before posting it,

Can anyone help me?

Someone stole my Golly video (above) and put the song ‘Halo’ over it. This person didn’t put those clips together. I did. They just ripped my entire vid, put a new song, and made it like they made the vid by themselves.

You can play these two videos and compare them shots by shots. The only difference is that this person cut off the beginning of the vid, where the song title shows, and the end of the vid, where my name appears.

My video (Give Me Love) »>

The copy (Halo) »>

I’m pissed.

Update: That person set the video as private already.


Someone stole my Golly video, the entire video, and put a new song over it.

I need a song recommendation for Gail x Holly.

Step-back strike
Gifs credit: Eric Cantona: : Megan Rapinoe Step-back strike
Gifs credit: Eric Cantona: : Megan Rapinoe

I stumbled upon this version of the song. So, I decided to make a Golly video to it.

This is the first time I used Sony Vegas Pro. And it drove me nuts. Hope the video turned out alright.

A new vid in the making???

So, I stumbled upon a really beautiful version of ‘Make It To Me’ (originally by Sam Smith) and now I’m thinking about making a Golly video to it.

Is that a good idea?