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AUDI A6 Emmy’s commercial feat. Claire Danes (Directors Cut)


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I really really hope they include some bloopers reel on Season 3 DVD boxset of Homeland.

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Homeland - Carrie & Brody - Stay

My first Homeland video. Probably the last and only one I’ll ever make.

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Let’s guess the name of Carrie’s daughter.

Since Carrie’s mother name is Emma (if you seriously take what is written in Homeland: Carrie’s Run book by Andrew Kaplan, who coordinated with the showrunners and writers of Homeland when writing this book), she’ll probably name her daughter after her mother or something similar.

So I’m guessing ‘Emily’. Plus, Emily sounds like a nice name for a little girl.

Edit: I know her mother left Carrie. It’s just a silly guess, that’s all. Just for fun to lift our spirit up after such a damn depression for the finale. :P

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Is anyone still coping with Homeland Season 3 Finale? I still am. And it’s sad.

What breaks my heart…

- The 2-minute phone call between Carrie and Brody. That last few seconds where both were just silent. The last breathing sound from Brody that Carrie would hear for the last time.

- Carrie called Saul trying to do everything she could to save Brody.  Only to realize, at that very moment, that it’s time for her to accept his fate. There’s nothing left she could do for him.

- Every single moment during to execution.

- Carrie admitting her fear about having the baby to her family.

- Saul walking outof the CIA door while Carrie looked on.

- Carrie drawing the star for Brody. Her star.

So, yeah. I’m with Carrie right now. I’m so f***ing sad. *sighs*

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Carrie’s wall of crazy is gone.

EP 308 :: EP 312

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I lost someone….

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I cannot believe it!

How come Claire Danes isn’t nominated for Golden Globe 2014?!!?!?

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I just remembered one thing.

I’ve read somewhere that Claire Danes was also going to do an audiobook narration, just like Damian Lewis did with ‘Phantom Pain’.

I’m pretty sure I’ve read about it somewhere but I couldn’t find the link. Is this audiobook thing still going on?