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Some celebration for Carrie

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Quick question

After watching 5x07, Gail gets to drive the squad car alone now? Because normally I see them driving in pairs. Is this her first riding solo?

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Can anyone tell me where I can see a video of this?

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A new Homeland novel by Andrew Kaplan.

Available on September 25, 2014, according to Play Store on android platform.

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Live version as heard on TV.

For the complete live performance of Christina Grimmie (14 audio tracks), you can download here »

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Best bring-back performance of the night, in my opinion.

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Christina Grimmie is still rocking the chart! How amazing this is!

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They should release this version on iTunes. Seriously.

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International fans if Christina Grimmie, please use skype to vote for Christina Grimmie!!!
If you are connected to wifi, it is free of charge!!!
Just download skype on your phone, set the caller to United States! Then dial 855-864-2305!
You should be able to heard the thanks for voting massage!

Voting from Singapore right now!!

I just voted from Thailand. It worked! How many time can I vote for her?

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AUDI A6 Emmy’s commercial feat. Claire Danes (Directors Cut)